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About Production Time Frame

As a bespoke service provider, the speed of making is limited and constant. Therefore, when the order volume increases, each order fullfil cycle will be extended. So when you find that your order fulfill time exceeds your expectations, don't worry, it's just due to a surge in order volume. All orders are properly made and shipped, business as usual except for fluctuations in making times.Custom cage order shipped in 8-12weeks approximately,other custom order shipped in 2-4 weeks approximately.Premade item order shipped in 7days approximately.

Especially for custom cage, It is normal for the production time to fluctuate. The production time of each order is not fixed, and what affects the delivery time of your order is how many orders are left before you place the order. Obviously, if there is a huge backlog of orders before you place the order, your order production cycle may be extended. Please realize that this is a place to offer fully customized service, and it is impossible to achieve a stable delivery time like prefabricated goods. If you cannot understand this, please do not place an order to avoid wasting both parties' time.
For custom cage,if you need it urgently,you can Click Below Picture and pay to enjoy the expedited making service,this can make your order be shipped within 1 month normally.