To get a resin test cage more close to what you need,please read this page firstly to realize what information you can customize.

Based on the following conditions, it is recommended to order resin test cages (including but not limited to,If you have any questions about any part of the cage, you can order such a resin testing cage)

1. Not sure which base ring size is suitable for you

2. Try different base ring style to ease the ball burning issue

3. Not sure what length is suitable for you (total length,penis tube length)

4. Want to find a perfect horizontal gap(ring gap) for your cage

5. Want to find the maximum gap(diagonal gap) of the cage to prevent ball escaping

6. Testing of other accessories, such as PA hooks, glans rings, etc.

In summary, only after you wear a physical cage that you can understand what needs to be improved, thereby helping to customize the metal version.

Custom Resin Test Cage
from $100.00
from $100.00