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  • Resin Cage Option:
    Test cage as picture shown (BA-02)
    Customized resin cage of specific style
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    Reverse PA hook
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All About Chastity Cage Customization – badassworkroom read this,helps your customization.

The style of test cage is limited to the style on picture.Test cage is only for testing dimensions,no worries about if it is not the same style as your metal version custom cage,but if you want it to be other cage style,you can select other cage style option to place order.When you place custom order for your metal cage,please remember to remind us your metal cage dimensions is based on your resin test cage,then we both have a same size reference. This is very important.
The black resin material is stronger than the white resin material, and obviously it is also dirt-resistant than the white resin material because it is black, but the disadvantage is that the outer surface texture is rough, not as delicate and beautiful as the white resin material. Choose material according to your need.

Why do I need a resin test cage?

1.If you are new,no doubt it would be very difficult to get perfect custom dimensions at first time.You may have to find out the perfect dimensions with spending much money to get metal version custom cage time by time.But now you can spend much lower price to get a resin test cage used to verify whether your custom size is suitable.
2.Due to the difference between the wearer and the maker in their cognitive of size, even for the experienced person who can measure the size of their existing cages, there may also be a deviation in custom size due to different measurement method.
3.Many people do not know how to measure the length to custom a cage.Even you have experience that you have customized cages otherwhere,but it is common for different producers use different length measurement methods.This involves that each producer uses different tools and molds for making cages. If the measurement instructions are not carefully read, the customer will give the wrong length, but even if the measurement instructions are read, the customer will still give the wrong length, which is very common.

Therefore, there is no better way than to actually wear a cage physically to get better custom dimensions. This resin cage is made according to your initial custom dimensions. Two copies will be made, one copy will be kept by the producer, and one copy will be sent to the customer. In this way, both the producer and the customer have the same size reference. After the customer wears the resin cage, he will realize what dimension needs to be updated, such as the length needs to be lengthened by 10mm.Then Maker would know how to make suitable length for customer by then. However, please note that due to the material difference of the resin and metal, the resin cage may not be completely consistent with the metal cage. For example, for some stress structures, the resin cage must be thicker, while the metal cage does not need be as thick as resin cage.And based on health and safety considerations,resin test cage is not recommended for long-term wear.

From the perspective of weight, it is recommended to choose titanium as the customize material for the metal version cage, because the weight of titanium is relatively light, which can reduce the difference in wearing feeling between the resin test cage and the metal cage.

The more detailed custom sizes are provided,the better.

Comes with 3 base rings with 1 penis tube, so you can give 3 different base ring sizes when place order.

  • BR-01
  • BR-01
  • BR-01
  • BR-01
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